Jade's BLAHG

  1. Catching Up in 2024

    2024-03-24 06:50:40 UTC
    Carp Pond, Constitution Gardens in D.C. Howdy! It’s been a while since I last dropped a post here but now is a good time as any to catch up (: Some big stuff happened this past year on my thirty-first trip around the sun. Between July through November of 2023:…

  2. It’s the Time for the Seasonal Depression

    2023-05-13 23:46:00 UTC
    With every high highs, come the low lows. Why not days of riding middle? It seems the 3 modes my brain likes are: amazingly laser focused time wizard, rabbit holing randomly into something else entirely, or releasing vast amounts brain fart fog that I wonder if my room has its…

  3. Embrace Your Mess of a Process

    2023-05-10 21:13:00 UTC
    I want to share how I came about creating the Kids Comics Intensive graphic and how it helped me accept my own process. It didn’t start out pretty. In fact most of it was scrawling, jumbled lines, ideas lapping over the other. A true stream of consciousness on paper. I…

  4. April Showers Bring May Flowers

    2023-04-11 03:32:00 UTC
    Or in Texas, March showers bring April flowers! Heck we got flowers back in March. I’m not so great at the social media stuff so I’m trying out journaling my experience a la blog. Or should I say BLAHG. As it’s namesake these posts will just be me “blah, blah”ing…

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