Embrace Your Mess of a Process

I want to share how I came about creating the Kids Comics Intensive graphic and how it helped me accept my own process.

It didn’t start out pretty. In fact most of it was scrawling, jumbled lines, ideas lapping over the other. A true stream of consciousness on paper.

I call it my mind vomit.

Sometimes it’s pretty wild.

Sometimes it’s a bit more easy on the eyes and straightforward.

Sometimes a mix of words and ideas that I realize aren’t going to be used for
this piece. But I don’t mind, I know I’m getting somewhere. 

Til finally something hits.

Even then I keep going. Trying to puuuuush as many ideas out til I’m as empty as my last toothpaste tube.

I stop. Step away and come back later with a fresh pair of eyes.

I’ve really never shared these scribbles before. They aren’t the kind I’d
ever show to art directors or heck anyone, just myself. While I was
making this post I was wondering why.

I suppose it’s natural to feel we want to show our best but that’s not the only reason I
do what I do. I’ve realized over time my own satisfaction and love for
creating comes from the journey and all it’s hidden janky sides.

Learning to embrace my scribbles is one of them. No matter how messy
they are!! 😆 Each process is unique to you- OWN IT ❤️

Back to the concept- I loved the idea of going on a journey alongside Janna
and Rivkah as they traverse a liminal space of the comics
field/industry. The centered perspective immediately grabs attention and
each wields their strength with token items: a pencil and plans.

With a chosen idea I open Procreate and begin sketching there. The picture
will be landscape so I alter it to fit the correct dimensions.

I wanted more dynamism than Rivkah and Janna standing, and noticed in my
scribbles I had some riding books. OH! How about they surf?? 

Hmm, but this may become too cluttered. Janna, Rivkah, and the title are the
focus. Let’s bring back the floating items. But how?

As I was messing with Procreate’s perspective grid (this is how you turn it on btw)

And noticed the grid were two walled matrices…I wondered what if I put comic panels on it? It could appear like a book opening.

There! Flat panels. It’s more fitting considering we are dealing with crafting images on a 2d plane.

Now to ink. I started with the background first, choosing a lighter color
because it needed to subtly complement the focal groups, and fade into
the distance.

Quick tip if you want to plop in quick lines from your perspective grid you
can turn on Assisted Drawing. I try to do a mix of auto lines and hand
drawn so it appears more naturally.

The title, Rivkah, Janna, and bolt (a last minute addition that I wanted to
be a call to action! To reach that spark!) need to be a darker outline
and weigh heavier.

Now for color. We already have a brand palette which helps tremendously
narrow down my options. Shades of blue would be best because…

The yellow title will make a greater impact on the eyes!

Now to fill in the rest. Put a few shadows…and voila~ the finished piece:

Ah and here is a peek at my layers. A lower count than my usual.

And that’s it!! I believe it took me around 8-9 hrs to complete this when I
began in Procreate. The sketches were done at random times of the days
spanning a week and I never time myself with those 🤷

Happy creating!

-Jade 🌻 

(from an original post I made back in 2022 for KCU)

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