April Showers Bring May Flowers

Or in Texas, March showers bring April flowers! Heck we got flowers back in March. I’m not so great at the social media stuff so I’m trying out journaling my experience a la blog. Or should I say BLAHG. As it’s namesake these posts will just be me “blah, blah”ing stuff I’ve been up to, be as low effort as possible for myself (path of least resistance and all), and hopefully learn some things along the way.

So what’s the happy haps?

komodo dragon inked sketches

sssstudies - I need to draw moar dragons!

grackle with bicorn hat

A chance encounter at the river walk. Is that grackle wearing a bicorn hat? Yes.

grackle with bicorn hat

el capitan of lily pad (btw these are yellow pond lillies or nuphar lutea)

violet iris

This iris has every business being VIOLET. My retinas are drinking it in.


I submitted an application to MICE 2023!!! AHHH. It’s the first expo I’ve ever entered into - so excited to attend regardless :) :) :)

I’ll know by May 15th whether or not I got in. Wish me luck~

Here is the drafted Broomcrow prologue I submitted:

jade vaughan broomcrow prologue
jade vaughan broomcrow prologue
jade vaughan broomcrow prologue
jade vaughan broomcrow prologue
jade vaughan broomcrow prologue
jade vaughan broomcrow prologue

I feel I have slightly improved from last year in terms of piecing panels and timing (at least I hope). It still isn’t easy deciding layout! How does one get out of the decision paralysis?? I wonder if it’ll ever get easier. Does anyone have advice on this? Usually I stop and go read. Particularly manga! There is so much panel variety and fun.

What I’m reading:

Dungeon Meshi by Ryoko Kui! (Check out their 2022 posts.)

Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama

Ay Mija! by Christine Suggs

Crunch by Kayla Miller

The Sprite and the Gardener by Rii Abrego and Joe Whitt

P.S. For any fellow San Antonians - the SA Book Festival is on April 15th! Check it out. The central library has reopened with a nice renovated look! I’ve been assisting in this years efforts and have learned so much of the process and just how much work it takes to get these events goin’! Cmon by and say hi and maybe check out a panel or two. It’s free to the public ^o^

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